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Roller Doors

Here at Clohessy’s of Midleton, our wide collection of roller doors is sure to have something to suit both your needs and tastes, whether you’re a residential, commercial or industrial customer.

Included in our roller door collections are:

  • Insulated Garage Doors

  • Insulated Sectional Doors

  • Industrial Roller Doors

  • Steel Security Doors

  • Window Shutters

  • Chemical Building Roller Doors

  • Fire Doors

  • Domestic Roller Doors

Our roller doors are produced by some of the best manufacturers around, so you’re guaranteed a reliable, safe and aesthetically pleasing 

Closhessy’s can help you choose the perfect roller door to suit your needs before having it installed by a member of our expert team.

Our range of doors also comes with:

  • A choice of many different colours and finishes

  • A comprehensive warranty.

  • A selection of accessories and optional extras that can be fitted to your residential or industrial door if required and/or desired.

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Maintenance & Servicing

Now that you’ve chosen to have your residential or industrial roller door fitted by Clohessy’s of Midleton, you want to ensure that it is always functioning to the best of its ability and to its highest capacity. Our roller door maintenance and servicing will make sure that your door is always in tip top shape and can help towards preventing problems before the occur.

Call us today to hear more about our range of roller doors and our roller door maintenance services.